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Asia Spa Awards 2012

The AsiaSpa Awards were created in 2005 in order to give recognition and thanks back to the sensational spas that Asia is blessed with. Setting a great benchmark for spas in the region as well as around the world, the AsiaSpa Awards give recognition to the top spas and pay tribute to the latest in spa trends. With categories including “Holistic Treatment of the Year” and “Spa Personality of the Year,” the awards honour current trends, consistent performances and the movers and shakers of this burgeoning industry.

In particular highlighting innovation and quality, essential ingredients found in the world’s best spas, the AsiaSpa Awards dig deep into the spa industry to find the most original places to relax, heal and grow. Whatever their size or concept, if a spa is consistently providing outstanding treatments then it is ripe for nomination.

We hand pick the judges from almost every country in Asia, in order to have the fairest judging criteria possible. Experts in the field of spa, healing and beauty, they objectively select the spas most deserving of their nominations, from both their home destinations and the rest of Asia.

Event Details

12th January 2012